“What is the difference between getting a logo and branding my company?”
Simply put, a logo does not usually exist in a vacuum. Branding is how well everything from your business card to your website coordinates to promote your total image. We excel at putting together the total package.

“How much does a logo cost?”
We have a standard fee of $2,000, which is very competitive for the level of quality that we deliver. We take your image seriously, no one should have a logo that is churned out in an hour or two. We generally design numerous versions of a logo before weeding them down to three or more unique ideas. This is usually over the course of a week or so. By the time we present those ideas, one or more of the designs start to emerge as something that could be the cornerstone of a brand – meaning we start seeing how it could look for numerous uses and really get excited. When we hit that point, the ideas for everything else with your brand flow really well.

“Can you take my sketch and make a logo for me?”
It depends. In general, our best work comes from our original ideas and we encourage our customers to have faith and let us do the professional work they are paying for. Sometimes, we get asked to create a mascot or illustration for a logo based on a customer’s sketch, if we can use it or not just depends on what it is and will it make a good logo?



Web Development

“How much does a website cost?”
Websites start at $3,500, also extremely competitive and a great value for the one on one service we deliver. We have been designing websites since 1995, staying on top of changes, trends and new standards. We help our website clients get the most from their online presence.

“Can you redesign my website?”
Yes. We can take your existing content (in most cases) and create something more attractive, usable and modern, that works on all devices.

“I have a website, can you update some things for me?”
No. We do not work on websites which we did not create. Because of so many variables with programming languages, CMS, hosts and just design styles, managing other’s work is not something we care to do.

“Do you offer website hosting?”
Yes, only for sites that we create. We can completely manage your domain name and hosting for you, or you can set up your own domain and hosting account and give us admin access to work on your site.




“Do you offer printing?”
Yes. We have great resources and relationships with printers and suppliers of all types of advertising. We offer a very low markup to fully coordinate your print job, including researching quotes, suppliers and pricing options to make sure our customers get the best value.

“Do you offer copy writing services?”
Yes. Not everyone is a writer, but most people know their business inside and out. We can ask you the right questions to help us create the perfect text and vibe for your website and print advertising.

“Do you accept credit cards?”

“Do you offer payment plans?”
It depends on the size and scope of the project. We understand advertising is a huge investment and we really do feel that if it is done right it will be just that, an investment that you will see a return on. We are very flexible when it comes to giving our customers options.

“Do I own the rights to work you have created for my company?”
Yes. You retain all rights for any logo or website design. For illustration or photography services, we retain the rights to the original image. This is to prevent the resale or altering of our original work for other uses without compensation and is a standard practice in our industry.



Don’t be these people:

“I’m good at computers, can you just show me how to do what you do?”
No. While we don’t directly teach our customers how to do what we do, we know that our customers see the experience that we have and they value the tips and advice that we provide to help make smart marketing decisions.

“Can I watch while you work on my project?”
No. We understand the interest, but frankly we can not work with someone trying to direct us over our shoulders. We listen to our client’s wants and needs, but you are not paying for a puppet who knows how to use software, you are paying a professional to provide the best work based on years of experience in their field.

“I have an idea that will be bigger than Facebook, can you do all the work and I’ll make you an investor?”
No. Good luck with that.

“I have an idea for a business, no business plan or anything yet. Can you to put it all together for me so I can get financing and then pay you?”
No. Good luck with that.

“Can’t you do the work for free? Think of the exposure you will get!”
No. We have bills to pay just like you. You wouldn’t ask anyone else to work for nothing, so please don’t ask us.

“Can’t you just copy this website I like and replace it with my company info?”
No. Please learn about copyright.

“Can you use this image I found on the internet for my ad/website?”
No. Please learn about copyright.



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